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jelli-smallerWHAT IS JELLI?

Beth Shir Shalom is proud to be the home of JELLI (the Jewish Experiential Living and Learning Initiative).  Our program meets Sunday mornings, with an optional Hebrew support Tuesday for grades 3-6.  Our new curriculum is a hands-on, project based learning program filled with opportunities for children to discover, create, build, and own their Jewish experiences.

At Beth Shir Shalom, Jewish education is life education, and we guide our students toward discovering all the ways that Jewish knowledge helps them find their better selves.

The Beth Shir Shalom Religious School is a place where Judaism is explored through shared experiences, using music, the arts, Jewish text and values to generate connection and community.  We strive to empower our learners to use their Jewish foundation to make wise and informed personal choices, in order to become better people and to make the world a better place.


At Beth Shir Shalom learning is a joyous exploration, filled with curiosity, personal discovery,  and the possibility for change.  Our philosophy recognizes learning as an interactive process and believes that only through asking questions can our children learn, make Judaism a meaningful part of their lives, and enrich our traditions in creative ways.    A central part of our approach to education and the pursuit of understanding is to encourage inquiry into all aspects of our Jewish heritage.

We have chosen our teachers because they themselves are positive role models for Jewish living and are invaluable resources to our students and their families. Our teachers are caring individuals who bring  their dedication and nurturing spirit to our children. Our educational curriculum and programming are designed to empower our students to comfortably and proudly participate in Jewish life.

We hope that you will join us in cultivating the religious training of your children by taking what they have learned in the classroom, and making it relevant in your family practices.    We look forward to a partnership with you, in building a strong Jewish future.

Our programs for teens, including Club 78 and BeShTY and Confirmation, encourages them to explore personal and social issues and dilemmas within a Jewish context. Our ongoing Adult Education classes, a perfect compliment to their children’s Judaic studies, are offered throughout the week.

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