Current Classes

Torah Study

Join Torah Café every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM as we explore the Torah through The Social Justice Torah Commentary in 5783.

Every Saturday at 9:30 AM on Zoom

Reclaiming the Talmud

For centuries, Reform Judaism relegated the Talmud to the periphery of its Torah-centric practice. During the sessions with Rabbi Alex, reclaim the Talmud for yourself by reflecting on the rabbis’ most absurd ideas, learning the rationale behind many of our religious customs, and wrestling with questions that still agitate us today.

Sundays on Zoom: 10/23, 11/13, 12/11, 1/22, 2/12, 3/19, 4/23, 5/21, 6/11

Zionism 101

Join Rabbi Alex to explore the many types of Zionism that existed before the State of Israel was founded in 1948. We will spend time explore Political, Revisionist, Religious, Binational, Labor Zionisms. We will conclude learning about Zionism & Anti-Zionism today and attempting to define the terms for ourselves. 

This is a great way to learn a bit of Israel’s history before our community trip in June 2024!  

Sundays on Zoom: 10/29, 11/19, 12/17, 1/21, 2/25, 3/17, 4/21
Closing Session In-Person: 5/19 @ Beth Shir Shalom, 12pm