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Beth Shir Shalom is excited to form Chavurot groups. Whether you’re new to Beth Shir Shalom or a long-time member, you may love it. 

What is a Chavurah?

The word chavurah comes from the Hebrew word “chaver”, meaning friend. A chavurah is a group of Temple members who gather regularly throughout the year to socialize, learn, and celebrate Jewish life together.

Chavurot are small groupings of Temple members who share Jewish experiences. It is a great way to meet other members in more personal and informal settings where new friendships can develop. Chavurah members may be linked by any number of factors, such as new congregants, parents of religious school students, young singles, empty nesters, and senior members. Each group decides to focus on ideas that are interesting and meaningful to them.

What does a Chavurah do?
Among the joys of chavurah are sharing Shabbat, life cycle events, and the Jewish holidays, but chavurah members choose their own activities. They can be pot-luck dinners, building sukkot, attending services, discussing issues of faith, going apple picking, attending concerts or plays, or engaging in Tikkun Olam activities. It’s your choice!

If you would like to be matched in one of our new Chavurot groups, Please respond by submitting the interest form by February 21st.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Daitch by calling or emailing

Marlene Cole and Amy Spiegel, Chavurot Co-Chairs
Lori Daitch, Director of Engagement