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At Beth Shir Shalom, we believe children learn best in a safe, loving, unhurried environment where they are free to explore, ask questions, experiment, and construct their own knowledge. We inspire children to find wonder in the world around them, explore with intention, and think creatively as they learn and play together. Teachers encourage cooperation, collaboration, problem solving, and discovery. There is plenty of time outdoors for unique art experiences, scientific investigations, and challenging physical activity, all of which promote a spiritual connection to the natural world. Our children and teachers are active and engaged learners who get wet and messy every day!

As part of a Reform synagogue, our Judaic values guide our practice as we promote respect, compassion, justice, and peace in all that we do. Additionally, we share the rituals and celebrate the holidays of our ancestors throughout the year. This deepens our commitment to family and community and strengthens our bonds to both history and eternity.

Rabbi Alex welcomes our Pre-K class to his tent as they learn about hachnasat orchim (hospitality)



Our toddler program provides warm, nurturing care that gently supports children as they learn to say goodbye to parents, connect with loving teachers, and build first friendships. There is plenty of time for play and exploration, enchanting group experiences, and sweet celebrations of each Jewish holiday. We provide a very special first-year experience.


Our two-year olds figure out how to take full advantage of every school experience. With support from responsive teachers, children begin to understand the joys of a classroom community. They grow as a result of intentional exploration, child-centered activities, and shared group experiences. Curiosity and a desire to share thoughts motivate children to strengthen their communication and motor skills as they play, learn and build relationships with one another.


Our child-driven curriculum targets communication, inquiry, imagination, and autonomy.  Relationships are always important: first with teachers, then with friends, and finally with the classroom and school communities.  Our three-year-olds are motivated by interesting materials, thought provoking activities, and exciting projects. As they explore and understanding takes over, children begin to connect all their bits of learned information to pose new questions and develop meaningful conclusions.


Cooperation and collaboration blossom in our pre-k classrooms, allowing for more sophisticated play and detailed projects. Skilled teachers encourage creativity, problem solving, and risk taking as they support and document the children’s work and passions. The curriculum is designed to promote language, math, and motor skills necessary for success in elementary school and beyond.

For more information email Early Childhood Center Director, Robin Masnicoff.